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Residential Asphalt Services

Check out our wide arrangement of asphalt services!

Residential Asphalt Project

Residential Asphalt Paving Services

When you need reliable asphalt services, depend on R. Smith Paving Contractor, Inc., of The Greater Delaware Valley. Our paving company has more than 70 years of combined industry experience. This experience provides us with the knowledge to handle any job requests from the roadway to asphalt repairs. We provide many services from full driveway replacement to driveway extensions. We also offer resurfacing for those who have potholes or cracks that need to be repaired. If you want your driveway looking great you should use the professionals at R. Smith Paving. Your home is a big investment make sure your driveway looks just right with our asphalt paving services.

We understand the need to work around our client’s needs. We engage the proper execution for signage and stripping. We are the experts at making the best out of your available space to maximize parking space and functionality. Feel free to contact us today! We are eager to help bring each and every one of our clients our professional and reliable services to their home.

Asphalt Services We Offer

Curbing | Asphalt Milling | Resurfacing | Line Striping | Heated Driveways | Roadways | Excavating | Parking Lots | Concrete | Sealcoating | New Construction | Infrared Repairs

While we do offer many asphalt services, here are our 4 main services that clients usually use!

Decorative Stamped Asphalt

Decorative stamped asphalt is a technique for making a plain asphalt surface look much nicer.

Decorative Edging

Decorative edging on your driveway not only improves the look of it dramatically but serves an important purpose of protecting the edge of the asphalt.

Tar & Chip

Tar and chip paving is closely related to asphalt, but with a much rougher finish to it.

Driveway Paving

To install the perfect driveway it takes good design, high-quality materials, and it must be constructed correctly and professionally.

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