Decorative Stamped Asphalt

decorative stamped asphaltReady to take your asphalt paving needs to the next level?

Decorative stamped asphalt is a technique for making a plain asphalt surface look much nicer. Stamped asphalt is done by taking freshly laid asphalt or re-heated asphalt and “stamping” various patterns into it to give it a unique look. The most commonly stamped pattern is to give it a “red laid brick” look, but other more complex stamping patterns and colors are also possible using this method. Many people like to use stamped asphalt for their driveways, walkways, and outdoor patios due t the nice look and ease of upkeep required.


Some of the benefits of decorative stamped asphalt are:

  • Fast Installation
  • All the benefits of asphalt paving with an increased visual appeal
  • Works well in cold weather and freeze – thaw cycles
  • It is easily repaired
  • You can have simple or very complex patterns
  • Custom patterns, logos, or other designs are possible
  • The Colors are UV stable and last for years

After the asphalt is stamped, it is coated for protection. Alsphalt drys out and cracks over time due to changing weather conditions, but teh coating we use helps protect against that and extends the life of the stamped asphalt by a long time.

Some of the benefits of the stamped asphalt coating are:

  • Extends the life of the asphalt considerably
  • Protects the asphalt from UV rays
  • Is much cooler than traditional asphalt in the hot sun
  • Is non-slick when wet and safe for wheelchairs

All of our decorative stamped asphalt is installed by our trained professional crew, If you are interested in getting a quote on your stamped asphalt project or to learn more, please contact us today online or call us at call (800) 760-8830 or (610) 431-7481.

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